We are passionate about helping our spatial community improve and excel

About CSQC

CSQC Pty Ltd is a 100% owned by its members via SIBA.

We have been providing services to our clients in the spatial and construction industry since 1993. We are a for-profit company with all dividends returned to our shareholder at end of financial year.

CSQC will work with integrity, diligence and transparency, to build and maintain trust, confidence and respect for our clients, our team, our community and other stakeholders.

We will deliver quality services punctually, competitively and accurately.

We operate internationally with our team offering training, consultancy, and 2nd tier contract auditors all in strategic locations throughout Australia.


CSQC Mission

  • To help our community through our spatial industry clients
  • To build steadfast relationships within the spatial community
  • To add value continually to the spatial community
  • To help spatial businesses improve

CSQC Values

  • Our clients, our team, our community
  • The team over the individual
  • Integrity, diligence and competence to avoid putting others at risk

CSQC- Our Commitment to you

  • To listen to our clients
  • To deliver punctual, quality services
  • To be fair, independent and unbiased
  • To be current with our regulatory and legislative knowledge
  • To maintain absolute confidentiality
  • To comply with relevant accreditation requirements
  • To exceed the spatial community expectations
  • To provide a complete suite of programs that delivers trust and confidence.

Our History

In 1993, the spatial industry established CSQC as a specialist quality assurance certifying body for the spatial information industry. The use of professional surveyors to carry out management system assessments was intended to provide a more practical and responsive service than other ‘generic’ certification companies could offer. This industry-specific assessment encouraged clients to develop simple, effective and supportive systems.

The success of this approach led to an expansion of services to encompass related professions, such as engineers, architects and planners. In 1995, Consulting Surveyors New Zealand purchased equity in the company resulting in a further expansion of operations to New Zealand.

CSQC was accredited as a 3rd Party Certifier by the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) in 1994. In late 1999, CSQC formed a relationship with Benchmark certification, where Benchmark provided the certification and CSQC the expertise, auditor and training.

In 2006, CSQC joined Benchmark and then BSI Group.

CSQC continues to enjoy a prosperous relationship with Global mark Pty Ltd and is our preferred partner in referral to and management of the formal 3rd party certification services. CSQC continues to provide specialist services to Global Mark clients and its registered pool of auditors in the spatial and construction industries.

Have any Feedback?

We welcome all forms of feedback whether it is a comment, compliment or complaint. Please click here or on our feedback page to get in touch with us.

Any client, potential client or third party can lodge a complaint against the services or representative of CSQC.

Complaints should be lodged in writing (email or letter) and should include the originator’s details and be signed, so we can contact the complainant and clarify, investigate and notify her/him of the outcome.

Complaints will be acknowledged by CSQC and processed according to our internal process. We will document, acknowledge, investigate, report and take required action.

Board members are informed of all complaints and where necessary are involved in the investigation and response to complainant.

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