Civil Contractors Federation (CCF)

The Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) in Australia has developed the Civil Construction Management Code designed for organisations with more than 5 employees that are undertaking project works over $500,000.

Customised for the civil construction industry, the Code is based on the Australian and international standards for quality, safety and environmental management systems. It offers companies the ability to demonstrate compliance to a recognised code without the need to obtain full certification to ISO 9001, ISO14001 and AS/NZS4801.

A small business version of the Code has also been introduced, called Small Contractor Integrated Management System (SCIMS). It has been tailored to meet the requirements and risk exposure of small organisations with less than 5 employees.

If your business fits either of these categories, as a CCF Certified Contractor, your clients can trust that you have the systems and capability to meet the requisite standards of your industry.

The CCF Code and certification system has been designed to make it easier for small businesses to achieve certification. An Integrated Management Systems Kit has been designed, with templates and a framework in which you can develop your system within the CCF Code.

CSQC can assist with certification services, as well as provide a consultant to guide your business through the process if required.

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